Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lots to post today! I went shopping this morning and bought all healthy items. Plenty of fruits, veggies and beans. Adding color to my life:) It just sucks that healthy food is so expensive:/

I also bought these new workout capri's on the clearance rack while I was out. When I returned home my E&E was in the mailbox waiting for me and I couldn't wait to put on my new pants, try out my new drink and burn this fat off!! While shopping I debated on getting the next size down but then chose to stick with the size I have been forever now. BIG MISTAKE! While working out, all the jumping and sweating in the pants that were already loose just made them fall down. I think I spent more time picking my pants up than working Hey I'm not mad.. means change is happening:)

My awesome burn for the day:)

The dinner I made: Turkey Chili. It was so yummy and so healthy at only 226 calories a serving:)
What a productive day:) Now it's time to hit the sack and get that much needed 6-8 hrs sleep. Laters!!

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