Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's amazing how great you feel when you exercise daily! I actually look forward to working out it's the eating better that is my problem. I can go all day eating clean until dinner. Making dinner for picky kids is hard and trying not to eat what I cook for them is even And not to mention wanting something sweet afterwards. I am learning new recipes that we all will like and trying hard to find something healthy in place of a sweet fatty treat at the end of the night. But hey it's a process and as long as I am trying to change and making progress than that makes me happy.

The photo above is me flexing what small new muscle I I never thought I would like lifting weights but to my surprise I do. It makes me feel stronger and honestly seeing the changes my body is making because of the added weights with my cardio I want to smack myself for not doing it sooner. Love it! Keep pressing play people and get up and MOVE!!

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